This creative writing testimony describing real events was submitted by scholar of color supporting another scholar of color.

The Testament of one, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa

I thought that had I entered the Tower fully alert to its trap-doors, fetid cells, and stinking privy chambers; its dark corridors traversed by scheming initiates in rude robes; hoods pulled forward to partially obscure their scheming visages.  I knew not to turn my back on anyone.  I did not tarry hovering over the privy chamber pot lest I be set upon by assassins whilst in a most vulnerable bodily attitude.  I slept with one eye shut.  Poverty, chastity, and obedience was the oath I swore in pursuit of higher knowledge.  But for my devotion I was rewarded with nearly twenty seasons of attempted flagellation, satanic ritual abuse, and shunning.  I only laughed at these feeble gestures to deny my humanity.

In 2011, I locked arms with a fellow Seeker of Truth to Fight the Tower.  Our undistinguished and obscure colleagues had conspired to prevent her from joining the ranks of the Anointed Ones by giving a collective thumbs down on a corpus of scholarship that has since been proven golden.  For every vicious volley of stone and fiery pitch hurled at us by our enemies, we returned ten times more in righteous defense.  Invective, lies, and insults were deflected and turned back on our attackers with pure unadulterated truth.  The war of attrition wore on.  Reinforcements were deployed on both sides.  Many proved brave.  Some fled in fear after much brave talk.  Bystanders gaped in awe at the sheer ferocity of the battle. To those that turned their back on engagement:  For shame, for shame.  Once the smoke had cleared, my colleague emerged "bent but not broken."  Truth had prevailed.

Dr. Daisuke Serizawa