JenniferI am a mixed-race Black and Native American, queer, woman and former Philosophy professor who was disabled for many years. I was compiling my tenure file late one night when during the drive home from campus, the University of Central Florida campus police, where I worked, stopped me. They verbally abused me, accused of me multiple crimes, had my vehicle and my person repeatedly searched, and threatened me until the sheer terror of the one hour and 15 minutes ordeal resulted in my having a cardiac event. Although I had informed the officers I had a heart condition, they confiscated my heart medication and refused to give it to me when I had chest pain. Eventually an ambulance was called and I was able to get medical attention. It took me many months of cardiac rehab to recover from the physical effects and years to recover from the psychological toll this took on me.

In the aftermath of my abuse at the hands of the campus police, I filed complaints and grievances, my students staged multiple protests and hundred of colleagues from around the country signed petitions, sent letters, and made phone calls to the University demanding an investigation of the police misconduct. Although UCF told me and the press they would be conducting an investigation by a third-party citizen's review, in the end all they did was have the local police (which contained family members of the UCF police' chiefs) investigate the UCF police and conclude that nothing I said happened actually did occur.

Although I won tenure that year, I was unable to return to campus because of the unsafe working conditions and ultimately left the university after repeatedly asking the university to make changes to correct the serious problem of racial profiling, ablelism, and excessive force of the UCF police. There were many victims before me. I chose to leave the university rather than be complicit. I also chose to leave to save my life.